Sunday, 16 October 2011

Do we all take food for granted? :/

Today is Blog Action Day and taking part in  Blog Action Day means we are supposed to blog about the topic of "Food".

A couple of  weeks ago, we presented a project based on the Millennium Development Goals in religion. Each group picked a certain goal to research. We chose to base our project on Goal Number Four- "To Reduce Child Mortality". Whats the aim? To reduce by two thirds the child mortality rate between 1990-2015.

We were shocked to learn that 10.5 million children under the age of 5 die each year and 99 percent of these children come from developing countries. When we researched this topic we were saddened to learn  that these children die from easily preventive diseases such as measles and diarrhoea. The reason their body can't fight these diseases off is simply they are starving. Their bodies are weak and they have barely enough food to survive.  Research and experience show that a majority of the millions of children who die each year could be saved by low-tech, evidence-based, cost-effective measures such as vaccines, and micro nutrient supplementation. To learn that organisations such as Trocaire and Oxfam are trying their best to help these children brings hope of  survival to millions of families in the developing countries.

I hope from now on that I don't take food for granted and the next time I declare I don't like a particular dinner and not eat it, I stop and think. Think about the millions of families who don't have a plentiful supply of food and a dinner like that could be the difference between life and death.

Love to all on blog action day <3

-Aoife xoxo

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